Interview Advantage Video Training Workshop

Our journey started a few years ago when we both realized our children and our friends' children were being educated scholastically, but their education was missing the practical touch. Eventually, you graduate and the cold hard reality of finding a job is a very tough proposition. It has been said more than once that the hardest job you will ever have is finding one. This is true for new grads starting out all the way through to a seasoned professional.

Throughout our corporate careers, we have conducted over 6000 interviews for all levels of jobs. We have helped many, friends and people referred to us, learn how to be successful in an interview situation. We realized we had key expert knowledge and many, many years of experience to draw upon to help job seekers. After all, we have conducted interviews, taught our staff and mangers how to interview, what questions to ask and what to listen for in candidates' answers. So, we approached the development of the workshop from the interviewers perspective and quickly realized that this knowledge can become a "secret advantage" for anyone in any job interview situation.

As we evolved the idea, we felt our workshop could make a difference. We wanted to reach the largest audience we could so the web became an obvious choice for delivering the workshop. We wanted to create a training environment that people could relate to so we added the video with the course material and came up with the idea of producing a workshop that felt like you were in the audience as a participant. After a year in development, both the workshop and our website were born. We hope you enjoy the Interview Advantage Video Training Workshop and we wish you every success throughout your career.

Doug Peters, Co-Founder of Interview Advantage, is a seasoned senior human resources executive with experience in all facets of the human resources processes. Included in his knowledge portfolio is extensive experience in search and recruitment in Canada and on a Global basis. He has complimented his extensive Human Resource experience with vice president Sales positions in Human Resources products and services.

Tony Martino, Co-Founder of Interview Advantage, is also a seasoned senior executive who has held the top human resources post. He has complemented his human resources experience with senior vice president positions in business operations, business process, finance and marketing in a major global organization.

During their careers, Doug and Tony have interviewed thousands of potential candidates for positions in their companies both as recruiters and as hiring managers. They bring that experience as interviewers, as well as, their collective HR and Business experience to Interview Advantage. They have specifically used this knowledge and expertise to help you, the job seeker, become fully prepared for any job interview situation.